We offer bookkeeping, tax records, processing tax returns for income tax of natural and legal persons, real estate tax, road taxes. Wage processing and HR management. We also carry out expert opinions, establishment and liquidation of companies.

Our expertise

Many years of experience, economic education and experience from a number of disciplines and activities puts us at the forefront of the processors of accounting and other economic services. Language equipment enables us to provide services within the European Union. We offer the experience of selecting VAT in EU countries. Continuing education keeps us permanently informed and educated.


Complete accounting service

Keeping a complete accounting agenda, including wage management and redemption. Stock inventory of inventory, goods and inventory, property records, driving books. Current account management, invoicing and cash registers, VAT processing, income tax, asset tax, road tax, real estate tax, income tax accountancy, tax deduction, etc.

Tax evidence

Assistance to tradesmen and the self-employed

Complete management of tax records, income and expenses from business activities, or rental of immovable property pursuant to § 9 of the ITA. Debt and liability management, cash registers, stock inventory, goods and inventory. Property records, travel books, etc. Processing of income tax returns, VAT, property taxes, etc.

Wages and personalistic

Up to 1000 processed wages per month

This is our experience, practice and ability.
Processing of personnel documents, employment contracts, material liability agreements, working time records, records of wage orders.
Getting started guide, work assignment, and termination of an employee’s employment with your employer.

Expert opinions

Expert activity in the field of economics – accounting and tax records.
The manager of the company is a forensic expert in the field of ECONOMICS – ACCOUNTING AND TAX EVIDENCE with the experience of keeping or not accounting of the company and entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic.

Company liquidation

We will do you by liquidating your company

The company manager has been the liquidator of legal and accounting liquidation of several limited liability companies, including deletion from the Commercial Register.

This is a demanding and partially legal condition, enforced by a lengthy process lasting approximately seven months before the company is properly deleted from the Commercial Register. After the repeated publication of the decision to liquidate the company in the Commercial Gazette, which we can arrange for a co-operating notary office, three months have to be legally required to register the creditors of the company for payment of possible debts and arrears. At this time, final accounting work and preparation for the closure of the company may take place. Closing checks are underway at social and health insurance companies.

It is necessary, after agreement with the State Archives, to secure archiving of the company documentation, which must be stored for 10 years after the company ceased to exist. It is necessary to seek the consent of the Customs and Finance Authority with the deletion of the company from the Commercial Register, together with the submission of the final tax returns, bills, statements, etc.

Finally, before the deletion of the company, the last General Meeting must be held to settle the liquidation matter and approve the entire liquidation process.

The severity of the whole procedure depends on the size of the company, the volume and manner of the final accounting, including the settlement of the company’s assets with the creditors and their owners.